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The only spectacular view of Lake Hamana-ko Moon Road reflected on the surface of the lake

Kouten-no-yu Mikkabi natural hot spring Kouten-no-yu (Koten-no-yu)

The large public baths and open-air baths use natural private hot springs (alkaline simple hot springs).It is popular as a "Bijin-no-yu" to make your skin smooth.
From the hot spring, you can overlook Okuhamana ko lake Inohana Ko (lake) (Okuhamana ko lake Inohana Ko (lake)), and you can enjoy various magnificent views every season from the same viewpoint as the surface of the lake.Also, on sunny days, you can watch the rising sun rising from the opposite bank while soaking in the bath.Relax to your heart's content while enjoying the scenery from the same perspective as the surface of Lake Hamana-ko.
*Please confirm the time of sunrise at the front desk the day before
◆Indications: neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, coldness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion etc.

◆Opening Hour
Wednesday - Monday:【a.m.】5: 30 to 10: 00 【afternoon】12:00 to 24:00(Cleaning from 10:00 to 12:00)
Tuesday【a.m.】5: 30-8: 00 【afternoon】From 16:00 to 24:00(8: 00-16: 00 cleaning)
  • Outdoor bath for men

    You can feel various scenery from the open-air bath facing the lake.

    On a beautiful day, enjoy the moonlight reflected on the surface of the lake along with the moon.(It changes depending on the season)
    The hot springs that you enter while watching the sunrise are also exceptional.

    Please enjoy the scenery that can only be experienced here.
  • Outdoor bath for ladies

  • Great public bath for men

  • Baths for ladies

  • Hot spring ingredients table

    Since it is a private source, it is a hot spring that can only be used at Listel Hamanako.
    You can relax in a natural hot spring with ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
    Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, coldness, fatigue recovery, health promotion, etc.

    ●What is simple hot spring (simple hot spring)?
    It is a thin hot spring with less than 1000 mg of hot spring ingredients in 1 kg of hot springs.
    A hot spring that is mild to your body and has little irritation.

    ※Hot springs do not always have to be rich.On the contrary, in hot springs with strong ingredients and strong stimulation, you may lose your physical condition.
    ⇒Simple hot springs are easy to enter for elderly people and children.

    ●What is an alkaline spring?
    A PH value of a hot spring of 7.5 or higher is called a weak alkaline spring, and a pH value of 8.5 or higher is called an alkaline spring.
    Alkaline hot springs remove dirt and oil from sebum, and you can expect a beautiful skin effect.

    ●What is the circulation heating type?
    The hot spring overflowing from the bath is thrown away as it is and the hot spring overflowing from the bath is thrown away as is. Do warm.Our Hotel keeps circulating the source of the water and keeps it flowing from the bathtub, so it's close to a free-flowing bath, and you can use it with confidence because it filters and disinfects it.

    ●What is the hot spring tax?
    It is a tax levied on the environmental sanitation facilities of the local government, promotion of tourism, and fire fighting facilities. The taxpayer is said to be a bather at the spa bath.A hot spring tax of 150 yen is charged separately from the accommodation fee.
  • sauna

    Relaxingly relaxing sauna improves blood circulation and relieves stress and fatigue.
    Enhance your metabolism and make you feel better.
  • Rest space

    Please relax in the rest space after bathing.
    We have vending machines and massage machines.

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