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Conference·Training plan

Resort meeting·Training plan, 8 hours Conference room with rental※It is a plan for group of more than 15 people.

  • Please visit the lakeside resort Hotel for planning at the meeting / training.
    Since it is a half-board meal, you can enjoy dinner, hot springs and sauna after relaxing after the meeting / training.
    All-you-can-eat crab and eel of super size for meals! Dinner buffet is available.
    Please do not hesitate to ask options such as karaoke and all you can drink (separately charged) etc.
    ※The conference room will prepare a conference hall matching the number of people.From the second room onwards, you can use it at half price of regular fee.
  • Resort meeting·Content of the training plan

    ●1 Night/ 2 Meals
    ●Morning·Evening Buffet
    ●Conference room 1 hour 8 hours is included.
    ●One cup of coffee at the meeting service
    ●projector, screen, With 1 whiteboard
    ●Open Air Bath·Mikkabi Onsen Large Public Bath bathing
    ●Bus transfer (Please contact us for pick up area)
    Information on conference rooms → details of conference halls and banquet halls is here

    ※The venue was 4th floor · View Hall (204 m²) and 2 floor · Tsuru no Ma (372.9 m²)
    ※Tsuru no Ma space Tsuru no Ma can be divided into five.When divided (1 room 73.9 m²)
    ※View Hall can be divided into three.When divided (1 room 68 m²)
    ※Copy 1 sheet 20 yen · FAX 1 sheet 50 yen will be accepted.
  • Cautions

     "Period", ~, until 31 March (Saturday) 2018
     ※Exclusion date, May 3 - 6th May, July 15, 16th, August 9 to August 15, September 16,
               17th, October 7th, 8th, December 25th to January 3rd are excluded

    ·It is a group plan starting with more than 15 people.
    ·We can also change banquet from dinner buffet. Banquet·If you would like a cuisine cuisine, Increase by 2,000 yen.
    ·If you use 1 room per person, you will increase 3,000 yen per room for 2 persons in 1 room.
    ·If you would like a Japanese-style modern room (non-smoking) in the renewal room, increase by 2,000 yen.

Resort meeting·Training plan(Sub·tax included)

1 room, 3 to 5 people useWeekday day·Sunday, ¥ 9,900

Saturday 12,900 yen
1 room, 2 People UseWeekday day·Sunday, ¥ 10,900

Saturday 14,900 yen

For inquiries, please contact TEL: 053-525-1222