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  • What is the Go To Travel Campaign?

    During the campaign period, a travel price discount equivalent to 35% of the travel price including accommodation (up to 14,000 yen per person per night) will be offered, and from September onwards, in addition to the travel price discount, 15% of the travel price including accommodation will be charged. It has been announced that a% equivalent local coupon (up to 6,000 yen per person per night) will be added.
    Detailed conditions will be announced in the future, but from the trip on July 22, 2020, a travel price discount equivalent to 35% will be started in advance.
    For customers who have already booked a trip after July 22, 2020, the discount will be refunded by the application after the trip. (Accommodation is applicable until August 31, 2020, and the handling after September is undecided)

    Customers who have booked after July 23
    For customers who have booked their accommodation after Thursday, July 23, 2020, please pay the accommodation fee at the time of booking at the time of check-out, and then apply for a refund to the secretariat yourself. It is the flow to ask.

    We will issue a receipt for your refund at the time of your visit, so please ask at check-in or check-out.
    If you have made a reservation with advance card payment via an internet reservation site such as Rakuten Travel or Jalan net, Jalan net need to pay the bill on site.Please pay only the charges and hot spring tax incurred at the Hotel.Please note that the Hotel does not issue a receipt for the room charge, as it is issued by the customer himself/herself.

    Details regarding the Go To Travel Campaign are being adjusted and will be announced again after the launch of the Secretariat.Please understand that it may change in the future.
    We will inform you on this page as needed.

    Upon participating in the Go To Travel Campaign project, Hotel Listel Hamanako declares that the following measures will be implemented as a measure against new coronavirus infections.

    1. After taking preventive measures such as installing a droplet prevention panel at check-in, we will verify the identity of all travelers and measure the temperature.
    2. If you have a fever (37.5°C or higher) or if you have a cold, ask the public health center for instructions, including on weekends, and take appropriate measures.
    3. Regarding the use of shared facilities such as baths and restaurants, we will set a limit on the number of people and a time limit, and will thoroughly implement measures to prevent three-way traffic.
    4. For meals, we will change the buffet method to a Japanese set meal, leave sufficient space between each table, install antiseptic solution, gloves on the table, and take thorough measures when eating.
    5. Thoroughly disinfect and ventilate common areas such as the lobby, guest rooms, restaurants, and elevators.