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Dear customers

  • Hotel business day reduction
    Urgent enlightenment The situation in each region is becoming more severe as the violence of the new coronavirus is still unsettled.The Hotel puts the highest priority on the safety of customers, employees, and related parties, and responds to the reduction of HotelWith this announcement, we have decided to extend the setting of closed days.
    We will inform you of the 2021 closed days below.
    Please note that meals and drop-in bathing are not permitted while the museum is closed.
    【Business day】≪Lake Hamana-ko≫
    September 18th (Saturday) to 21st, 3rd year of Reiwa(Tuesday)
     ※There are four business days in September.

    【closing day】≪Lake Hamana-ko≫
     Days other than the above dates

    【Business day】≪Lake Hamana-ko≫
    October 8th (Friday), 9th (Saturday), 15th (Friday), 16th (Saturday), 23rd (Saturday) to 25th (Monday), 30th of Reiwa 3rd year(Saturday)  
    ※October business days are 8 days.

    【closing day】≪Lake Hamana-ko≫
    Dates other than the above dates  

    ※We will carefully consider the business days after November in consideration of the situation such as the government announcement, and will inform you on the official website etc. as soon as the reopening date is decided.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.               

    We accept inquiries during closed days only during the following times.
    Hotel Listel Hamanako(representative)
    Reception time:From 10:00 to 17:00