Hotel Listel Hamanako【Official Website Best Rate Declaration】

Natural hot spring open-air bath with a view of the lake and a quaint Hotel

"White passenger ship floating Hamanako lakeside of Hamanako lakeside" It was born in 1975 as a Hotel with a passenger ship as a motif.All rooms have a lake view on the lake side,
The modern Japanese room, which was renovated in 2017, has been well received.The open-air bath and large communal bath of Mikkabi Hot Springs are close to the surface of the lake, and you can enjoy a superb view during the rising sun.
At the restaurant INOHANA, enjoy the fish in the sea near Shizuoka and the dishes using organic vegetables sent directly from a local farmer in Hamamatsu.
Please enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Hamana-ko.Please enjoy the spectacular open-air bath and seasonal meals together.

Fully enjoy the charm of Lake Hamana-ko

  • Japanese set meal that combines ingredients from Shizuoka and Lake Hamana-ko

    Dinner includes dishes using fish from the sea near Shizuoka and organic vegetables sent directly from local farmers in Hamamatsu.
    Please enjoy 10 dishes of Lake Hamana-ko.
    In addition, the upgraded plan of the Japanese set meal with long-burned eel, which is based on the concept of the chief chef, "If you come to Lake Hamana-ko, I want you to eat eel to your heart's content," is the best of carefully selected domestic eel. We will provide "whole 1 eel grilled with eel".

    ※The image is a Japanese set meal with one whole eel kabayaki of the upgrade plan.
  • Lake Hamana-ko natural hot spring open-air bath with a spectacular view of the four seasons of Lake Hamana-ko "Kouten-no-yu"

    Mikkabi Hot Springs is a spring with excellent spring quality.
    Please relax to your heart's content while enjoying the scenery from the same perspective as the surface of Lake Hamana-ko.

    80 liters per minute at a natural private hot spring.
    The quality of the hot water is also excellent.Both men and women have an open-air bath sauna and can enjoy a magnificent view from the same perspective as the water surface of Lake Hamana-ko.

    In addition, when the weather is fine, you can see the morning sun from the opposite bank. The morning sun while soaking in the hot spring open-air bath is exceptional.

Good Deal for Overnight Stay! Limited benefits for customers who make reservations from the official website

  • Present tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture!

    To everyone who booked accommodation on the official website
    One bag of deep-steamed tea from Shizuoka prefecture, which is popular as a souvenir, for adults(100g)
    Present! Rich sweetness and mellow taste from many people all over the country
    It has been well received.

    ·Customers who made a reservation from the official website.
    ·For all plan

    【Present contents】
    ·1 bag of Enshu each adult(100g)

    ※This benefit may end without notice.
  • During the T point double campaign

    To everyone who booked accommodation on the official website
    The T point double campaign is in progress.
    Let's collect a lot of T points at this opportunity.

    ·Customers who made a reservation on the official website.
    ·For all plan

    【Campaign content】
    ·Normally, 1 point is given for T points for every 200 yen, but customers who make a reservation on the official website will get 2 points for every 200 yen.

    ※T points will not be awarded to customers who make reservations from travel agencies or travel sites.
    ※This benefit may end without notice.

Coronavirus infection prevention measures

  • Initiatives to control the spread of infection

    【Initiatives in public spaces】
    ·We thoroughly disinfect the rooms and public spaces when we wipe them.
    ·Disinfectants are installed at various locations within the facility.
    【Initiatives at restaurants】
    ·The restaurant is well ventilated and sanitized multiple times.
    ·Dinner and breakfast will be changed from buffet style to Japanese set meal.
    ·The staff thoroughly disinfects hands and fingers, gargles, and wears a mask (face shield).
    ·When I come to work, I check my temperature and physical condition.
  • Request for cooperation to customers

    ·Body temperature will be measured when you visit the museum.If you have a fever (37.5°C or higher) or are not feeling well, you may be refrained from visiting the museum.
    ·Please wear a mask and visit us.
    ·Disinfectants are installed at various locations within the facility.
    ·Customers are requested to cooperate in hand disinfection when entering the Hotel and throughout the facility.

Lake view with all rooms superb view

  • Enjoy Lake Hamana-ko from all guest rooms

    A long-awaited Japanese modern room was born in the summer of 2017.
    This room pursues a good night's sleep and uses the Simmons bed, which has a good reputation for waking up the next morning.We have incorporated Ryukyu tatami mats to create a stylish room.
    You can relax from family to couple.The view from the room is a lake view with a superb view rate of 100%! When the window is opened, the view of Lake Hamana-ko opens in front of you.
    ◇Free Wi-Fi in all rooms◇
  • Accommodation of cyclist welcome

    Cyclist twin room(Western room + bicycle space)

    【Rooms and services for cyclists】
    ①Bicycles can be brought into the room.
    ② You can enjoy cycling while leaving your private car in the Hotel parking lot.
    ③ You can temporarily store your baggage.
    ④ Rental of repair kits available.
    ⑤ Cycling map,Introduction of Lake Hamana-ko cycling information site.
    ⑥Other services
    ※Car maintenance, cleaning, repair space, coin laundry, free bicycle parking space.

Hotel Facilities

  • Listel Hamanako activities

    We offer a variety of leisure activities using the lake, and experiences within the facility.
    Day use is also available (except for some) Please feel free to use it.
  • Buffet Dining INOHANA

    It is a restaurant dedicated to buffet, which took a kitchen counter to you.
    We serve a variety of dishes every season when we used freshly prepared dishes and local ingredients cooked in front of our customers abundantly.
  • shop

    Sweets using Unagi Pie and Mikkabi Mandarin Orange special product of Lake Hamana-ko, Shizuoka limited products such as Shizuoka Tea
    We have many souvenirs including liquor.
    Our shop is a duty free shop.

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Hotel Listel Hamanako


2251 Shimoona, Mikkabi- 2251 Shimoona, Mikkabi Town, Kita Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-1424

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10 minutes better location than Tomei Expressway Mikkabi IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Please call the Hotel when you arrive at Tenryu Hamana Ko (lake) Railway / Ona Station. I will pick you up at any time until 20 o'clock. There are 2 flights at 14:30 and 15:45 at Tokaido Line Washizu Station. We accept by reservation up to the previous day.Washizu Station departure time is 10: 10 departure from the Hotel
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