Lake Hamana-ko only hot spring resort Listel Hamanako boasts a view Listel Hamanako

Mikkabi Hot Springs Hotel Listel Hamanako【Official Website Best Rate Declaration】

Special dinner buffet is all you can eat crab and eel! All rooms are lake view superb location. Wi-fi available, reservation from the official website of "Official Website Best Rate Declaration" is advantageous. Issued 2000 yen discount coupon,T point twice campaign in progress

Hotel Listel Hamanako Recommended

  • Great satisfied meal

    Start with fresh seafood and enjoy the seasonal cuisine according to the season's change
    Dinner buffet is a buffet with dishes in western and international style and dessert & drinks.
    The reason for popularity is all you can eat for crabs and unadorns.
    There are plenty of dishes including seasonal ingredients, sashimi, tempura and others.

    Also, the lunch time of the Listel Hamanako has been reborn from January 13 (Sunday)
    Choose from three course to be reasonable! Furthermore, you can drink all you can eat and soft drinks with mini buffet including salad bar and dessert.
    You can eat while watching the scenery, please enjoy a reasonable lunch time but up a notch.
  • An outdoor bath that watches the spectacular sunrise, famous hot spring "Beauty's hot water"

    Please relax and enjoy yourself at the outdoor hot-spring bath with a view of Lake Hamana-ko
    It is an alkaline simple spring, hot water is soft, enters comfortably, Mikkabi Hot Springs beautiful skin effect.
    It is a reputation that the skin turns into a spot when it gets soaked.
    Enjoy hot springs (complete sauna too) while watching various views every Okuhamana ko lake season.
  • View from the room

    A long-awaited Japanese modern room was born in the summer of 2017.
    Japanese style, Western style compatible type, you can relax from family to couple.

    Lake view of all the rooms with spectacular views
    172 rooms in total.Relaxingly relaxing guest room is eclectic type of Japanese + Western room.
    The view of Lake Hamana-ko overlooking all the rooms' windows invites the atmosphere.
    Please have a good time while seeing the lakeside of the superb view.

Hotel Facilities

  • Buffet Dining INOHANA<4th floor lobby floor>

    It is a restaurant dedicated to buffet, which took a kitchen counter to you.
    We serve a variety of dishes every season when we used freshly prepared dishes and local ingredients cooked in front of our customers abundantly.
  • Great Ballroom "Between Tsuru no Ma"(Second floor)

    A large banquet hall that can be used for multi purpose purposes as a conference, party, concert, wedding reception, and Japanese banquet hall "Tsuru no Ma."
    Various directing is possible as well as acoustic and lighting equipment.

    In addition, it is possible to divide the venue into five.You can choose the space freely according to purpose and number of people.

    Total area
    372.9 m²(Ceiling height: 3.0 m)

    Frontage: 33.3 m/Depth: 11.2 m

    Main facilities
    ●acoustic·Dimming equipment, "BGM device, "Microphone / Wireless Microphone
    ●VTR / TV viewing equipment, "projector, "screen
  • Motorcycle · Touring welcome

    Hotel Listel Hamanako can park 20 cars even with over 1,000,000 large motorcycles
    There is a parking lot with a covered automatic motorcycle.
    Do not worry about rainy weather during your stay so please do yourself at ease.
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Hotel Listel Hamanako


2251 Shimoona, Mikkabi Town, Kita Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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10 minutes better location than Tomei Expressway Mikkabi IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Tenryu Hamana Ko (lake) Railway · Oona Station Please call the Hotel upon arrival.I will pick you up at any time until 20 o'clock.There are two flights departing JR Tokaido Line · Washizu Station, 14: 30 and 15: 45.We accept by reservation up to the previous day.Time to send to Washizu Station will be from 10: 10 Hotel
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