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Start with fresh seafood and enjoy the seasonal cuisine according to the season's change

Dinner buffet is a buffet with dishes in western and international style and dessert & drinks.
The reason for popularity is all you can eat with crab and eel.
There are plenty of dishes including seasonal ingredients, sashimi, tempura and others.
The Buffet Dining " INOHANA " renewed on July 15, 2017,
You can also enjoy freshly cooked dishes that incorporate facing kitchens and cook in front of customers.

Also, at lunch, you can eat while watching the scenery, you can enjoy a reasonable Hotel buffet, although it is upgraded.Please enjoy happiness that you can enjoy as much as you want, as much as you want.
  • Chief Chef Recommended Seasonal Special Dinner Buffet

    All-you-can-eat Listel pride buffet!
    Buffet with cooking in western / Japanese, dessert & drinks.
    There is also a great plan that was set with bathing.
    Please enjoy with an efficient hot spring and local soup.

    Please eat as much as you like with crabs and other all-you-can-eat dinner buffets and sweet and sour salmon desserts.

    ●Business day: Everyday (except for whole-day closing days)
    ●Venue:"Inohana"or"banquet hall"
    ●Opening hours: 18: 00-21: 00(Last entry 20: 30)
    ●Designated seat (Please reserve as possible as occasion may be full)

    ※Meal time is 90 minutes.
    ※Menu may change due to purchase etc.
    ※Below is an example menu provided.
    ※All you can drink for 90 minutes at +1,944 yen (tax included)! Beer, whiskey, shochu, sake, wine (It will be applied by all the group)

    ※The classification of the fee is as follows.Those under 3 years old are free.

    Adult(s): ¥ 4,320, 3,780 yen/child, 2,160 yen/infant

    ·Adult = junior high school student or more
    ·Child = elementary school student
    ·Infant = 3 to 6 years old
  • Special spring dinner buffet (March to May)

    • March to May Dinner buffet menu example

      Demonstration section

      ·Unadoru · Unique for Ochiai (soup stock, Yama Ao, sesame)

      Popular cuisine

      ·Crab / dice steak


      ·tuna·Tattoos·Shrimp prawns

      Hot dishes

      ·Seasonal vegetables Tempura / Spring cabbage and fried Chinese pork meat · Hash beef of beef loaf · Pepperoncino style penne of clams · Saute sauce · Deep-fried vegetables with sweet and sour sauce · Spicy vegetables with sweet and sour sauce · Stewed chicken thigh and root vegetables · Hotel curry

      Salad corner

      ·Sunny lettuce · cabbage · cherry tomato · corn · potato salad · broccoli · saddle and moroheiya


      ·Chinese taste of jellyfish·Simmered bamboo shoots·Drained radish

      rice·Soup stock

      ·White rice·Crab juice·pickles·Soba (Wild plants·Green onion)


      ·Seasonal fruits (pine · lychee · red gloves etc.) · cream puff · pudding · jelly · ice various


      ·Juices · Oolong tea · Green tea · Coffee etc.
  • Lunch time, From 1/13

    Lunch time at the Listel Hamanako has been reborn from 1/13 (Sunday).

    Choose from three course to be reasonable! Furthermore, the salad bar and dessert bar are all-you-can-eat and all you can drink soft drinks.
    You can eat while watching the scenery, please enjoy a reasonable lunch time although it is upgraded a while.

    Daily lunch… 980 yen (tax excluded)
    (Example) We offer 3 items of hamburg steak, beef bowl, Chinese donbur, curry etc. on a daily basis.

    Weekly lunch ... 1,480 yen (tax excluded)
    (Example) We offer 1 item of cranes crackers, beef steaks etc. on a weekly basis.

    Monthly lunch ... 1,980 yen (tax excluded)
    (Example) We serve 8 servings of sashimi, beef stew, etc. as a single item on a monthly basis.

    ※Customers who ordered lunch have a salad bar, a dessert bar, and a drink bar.

    【All-you-can-eat menu】
    ·salad bar (potato salad, Seaweed salad, Mizuna salad, Harusame salad, Cold salad)
    ·Dessert bar (Various cakes·Pudding·Various jelly·Various fruits)
    ·Jinpei Lotus Root·Hijiki soup
    ·Shaked rice, soup stock etc.
    ·All you can drink soft drinks (Various juices, oolong tea, coffee etc.)

    ●Regular holiday:No rest【However, except for the whole public holiday】
    ●Opening hours: 11: 30-14: 00(Last entry 13:30)

    ※Please contact us for details.
    ※No reservation is required.
    ※When you get crowded you may have to wait for you to enter the store.Please understand in advance.
    ※Menu may change due to purchase etc.
  • Resort barbecue

    Enjoy the resort feeling at the lakeside barbecue place full of openness overlooking Lake Hamana-ko in front of you!
    Since the barbecue equipment rental and ingredients such as meat and vegetables are in a set, it is easy to participate as there is no need for preparation in advance.
    A day-trip hot spring (free use of face towel) and pool (only during summer) are also available, so after a full BBQ you can use hot spring bathing.
    Drinks can be brought in.There is no service when bringing in.
    You can also purchase alcoholic soft drinks at the barbecue venue.●Opening hours: 10: 30-16: 00
    ●Drinks can be brought in.(No service on carry-in) Alcohol / soft drinks can be purchased at the BBQ venue.
    ●Advance reservation is required.Reservation is from 4 people up to 40 people.
    You can use it for gatherings of kids' associations and neighborhood associations.
    Please contact us in Hamamatsu city ​​· Toyohashi city ​​free of charge and other areas.
    ※Menu may change due to purchase etc.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    All-you-can-eat breakfast buffet!
    It is a Hotel buffet with Japanese and Western dishes, desserts and drinks.

    ●Business day: Everyday (except for whole-day closing days)
    ●Venue:"Inohana"or"banquet hall"
    ●Opening hours: 7: 00 to 9: 00(Last entry 8:30)
    ●Free seats (we may have to wait for congestion)

    ※Menu may change due to purchase etc.
    ※Below is an example menu provided.
    ※The classification of the fee is as follows. (tax included)
     Those under 3 years old are free.

    Adult(s): ¥ 1,944, 1,404 yen/child, 1,080 yen/infant

    ·Adult = junior high school student or more
    ·Child = elementary school student
    ·Infant = 3 to 6 years old
    • Breakfast buffet example

      Hot dishes

      Scrambled eggs·Winner·bacon·Neapolitan·potato·salted salmon·Simmered Chikuzen·Squash shrimp salted with bean paste·Baked

      Salad corner

      Cabbage · Cherry Tomato · Macaroni salad · corn · seaweed salad · cauliflower · cauliflower radish

      Cold dishes

      Daikon Oroshi·Shiratorishi dried·Wasabi pickles·Natto·Salads of squid·Sea ​​urchin Shiitake·Boiled beans·Tsukudani·Simmered tofu(Winter Season)

      rice·Soup stock

      White rice·Porridge·miso soup·pickles·2 types of bread·Cornflakes·Chocolate crispy


      Banana · Grapefruit · Yogurt · Annin fruit etc.


      Juices · milk · oolong tea · green tea · coffee etc.