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Enjoy seasonal dishes using special products

Start with fresh seafood and enjoy the seasonal cuisine according to the season's change

A Japanese and Western dinner buffet that combines ingredients from Shizuoka and Lake Hamana-ko

For dinner, you can enjoy a rich menu of about 50 kinds of Japanese and Western dishes such as sashimi and seasonal creative dishes.
In the live kitchen, we will offer popular unadon and rock salt beef roasted shabu-shabu in front of you.
We also have a wide selection of desserts such as cakes and fruits, as well as soft drinks.

Listel Hamanako offers Hamamatsu Power Food", a dish that uses ingredients from the Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana-ko

※For the safety of our customers, we ask for your cooperation in disinfecting fingers and fingers in the dining venue, wearing gloves, and wearing masks when moving inside the venue.
※The service form may be changed depending on the reservation status.(Set menu, half buffet, etc.)
  • Japanese & Western dinner buffet

    ●Business day:every day(Excluding the closing day of the entire building)  ●Venue:"INOHANA" or"Banquet Hall"
    ●Opening Hours: 17:30 to 21:00 (Last entry 20: 30)
    ●Designated seat (Please reserve as possible as occasion may be full)
    ●Estimated dinner time is from 17:30 / 19:30.
    Please let us know your preferred start time.

    ※The posted photos are images.
    ※Some contents may differ depending on the purchase situation.
    ※If you have allergies, please ask in advance.
    Adult(s):Weekdays 4,400 yen/Saturday, the day before holidays 5,500 yen
    Children:Weekdays 3,850 yen/Saturday, the day before holidays 4,400 yen
    Infants:Weekdays 2,200 yen/Saturday, the day before holidays 2,750 yen

    ·Adult = junior high school student or more
    ·Child = elementary school student
    ·Infant = 3 to 6 years old

    All prices include tax.
    • Dinner buffet menu(Example)

      Live kitchen

      ·Lake Hamana-ko Specialty Unadon,Hitsumabushi set (soup stock, trefoil, hail, wasabi) ・ Himalayan rock salt beef roasted shabu-shabu

      Hot dishes 1

      ·Yellowtail shabu-shabu and orange-flavored pot set ・ Kakuni pork Mikkabi Mandarin Orange・ Pasta and Mikawa red chicken and various vegetables in cream ・ Shrimp and egg chili sauce ・ Fried yellowtail ・ Simmered yellowtail and Hamamatsu radish

      Hot dishes 2

      ·Tempura, Hamamatsu Gyoza dumpling, Hamamatsu vegetable curry


      ·tuna ·sea bream ·Shrimp prawns

      Cold weather

      ·Soaked Japanese mustard spinach and Maitake mushrooms from Hamamatsu ·Smoked duck salad, cauliflower marinade

      Local vegetable salad

      ·Lettuce, cabbage, cherry tomato, potato salad, vermicelli salad, Hamamatsu stick salad(celery,carrot,cucumber)


      ·2 kinds of Koshihikari and pickles from Shizuoka prefecture ·Sea lettuce miso soup from Lake Hamana ·2 kinds of bread


      ·3 kinds of cakes ・Mikkabi Mandarin Orange・ Pineapple ・ Red globe ・ Pudding ・ Jelly ・ 4 kinds of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, matcha) ・ Mini Daifuku
      Period available:
      ※The menu may change depending on the purchase situation.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    Breakfast is a buffet of local ingredients from Hamamatsu

    ●Business day: Everyday (except for whole-day closing days)
    ●Venue: "INOHANA"or"banquet hall"
    ●Opening hours: 7: 00 to 9: 00(Last entry 8:30)
    ●Free seats (we may have to wait for congestion)
    ●Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,980 yen (tax included) Elementary school students 1,430 yen (tax included) Infants 990 yen(tax included)

    • Breakfast buffet menu(Example)

      Hot dishes

      ·Scrambled eggs and omelet ·Boiled Chikuzen, grilled salmon, grilled horse Hamamatsu, bacon, German potatoes, sausage ·Baked


      ·Lettuce, tomato, macaroni salad, seaweed salad, onion slices

      Cold food

      ·Kinpira lotus root, hot spring egg, sesame seeds, natto, mozuku vinegar, ham, jaco, grated radish, tororo, mentaiko


      ·Koshihikari from Shizuoka prefecture, porridge, miso soup, corn soup, various pickles, seasoned seaweed ·Cereal(plane,Fruit granola) ·2 kinds of bread(Croissant,Milk bread)


      ·Fruits(banana,grapefruit) ·Yogurt(Strawberry sauce,Honey) ·jelly
      Period available:
      ※The menu may change depending on the purchase situation.
  • Lunch buffet on the shores of Okuhamana ko lake Okuhama(Temporarily closed)

    Thank you for your continued patronage of Hotel Listel Hamanako.

    The Hotel will temporarily close at lunchtime to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our guests, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Restaurant business changes
    Target facilities
    ·Restaurant "INOHANA" closed at lunchtime

    Target period
    Business start date undecided from April 1, 2020

    Lunch time on the shores of Okuhamana ko lake Okuhamana
    Enjoy lunch at the restaurant "INOHANA"INOHANA Okuhamana ko lake.
    In the buffet at the demonstration corner, in addition to Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes such as grilled beef on iron plate dice and popular favorite pots, pasta, curry, etc.
    10 kinds of desserts, salad bar, drink bar.

    【Lunch benefits】
    One-day hot spring bathing service for customers who have eaten lunch (Please bring your towel)
    Please ask the front desk at the time of payment on the day.

    ※Reservations are not required.
    ※Please contact us for more than 15 people.

    【Price information】※tax included

    Adult(s):1,980 yen
    Children:¥ 1,100
    Infants:550 yen

    ·Adult = junior high school student or more
    ·Child = elementary school student
    ·Infant = preschooler

    ※Menu may change due to purchase etc.
    ※One-day hot spring bathing service for customers who have eaten lunch (Please bring your towel)

    ●Venue: "INOHANA"
    ●Opening hours: 11: 30-14: 00(Last entry 13:30)
    ●Open only on Saturdays and Sundays
    • Lunch buffet menu example

      Demonstration section

      ·Grilled beef on iron plate

      Popular cuisine

      ·Home-made okonomiyaki, dim sum (yakimai, mini meat bun, etc.), Shizuoka tea soba, Lake Hamana-ko yakisoba, today's pasta, Hotel curry

      Hot food

      ·Mini pork cutlet, fried chicken, chicken cutlet, spring cabbage and potatoes oven-baked, mapo tofu, stir-fried pork belly and bean sprouts, stir fried lotus grass and eggs, grilled white fish, stewed fish, vegetable stew

      Cold food

      ·Hijiki, kinpira burdock, tuna simmered boiled, boiled beans, bamboo shoot tosa boiled, bun bungee, sprouts namul, steamed pork and greens with grated ponzu

      Salad corner

      ·Lettuce, cabbage, mini tomato, potato salad, mizuna, seaweed salad, corn, etc.

      rice·Soup stock

      ·Variety of white rice, Lake Hamana, Aosa soup, miso soup, pickles


      ·4 kinds of cake, pudding, apricot fruit, cold zenzai, tangerine jelly, 4 kinds of fruit(Lychee, mango, pine, grapefruit, etc.)


      ·Juices · Oolong tea · Green tea · Coffee etc.
  • Resort barbecue

    Enjoy the resort feeling at the lakeside barbecue place full of openness overlooking Lake Hamana-ko in front of you!
    Since the barbecue equipment rental and ingredients such as meat and vegetables are in a set, it is easy to participate as there is no need for preparation in advance.
    A day-trip hot spring (free use of face towel) and pool (only during summer) are also available, so after a full BBQ you can use hot spring bathing.
    Drinks can be brought in.There is no service when bringing in.
    ※Thank you for your cooperation in measures against coronavirus infection.

    ●Implementation period:July 2021:Saturday / Sunday only            
             August:Thursday to monday(Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
             September:Group customers only(Consultation required for schedule)
    ●Opening hours: 10: 30-16: 00
    ●Drinks can be brought in.There is no service when bringing in.
    ●Advance reservation is required.Reservations are from 4 people. (Negotiable number of people)
    You can use it for gatherings of kids' associations and neighborhood associations.
    Please contact us in Hamamatsu city ​​· Toyohashi city ​​free of charge and other areas.
    ※Menu may change due to purchase etc.

Cooking using ingredients from the Hamamatsu / Lake Hamana-ko"Hamamatsu Power Food"

  • We provide seasonal ingredients from Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana-ko areas that supported Ieyasu Tokugawa

    Ieyasu, who spent 17 years in Hamamatsu, supported his health and breakthrough.
    Surrounded by the sea, mountains, rivers and lakes, blessed with a warm climate"A treasure trove of ingredients"
    The power of food that has won "the best healthy life expectancy in Japan" for three consecutive terms.